Another approach

This blog series offers just one strategy to start making your own language for your novel or fantasy world. The approach is functional–you’ll aim to pin down a feasible, basic language sketch based on information such as in this PDF, then learn on the go as you start translating. Notably, this approach completely skips the sound system of your language, leaving it for you to come back and figure out later. I structured this approach on the method that got me hooked on conlanging. It gets you as soon as possible into making beautiful words and paradigms, learning about cool grammar in real world languages, and adapting and writing texts for your own fantasy culture.

Step 1. Find your inspiration languages.
Step 2. Gather resources on how those languages work.
Step 3. Create a language sketch–my suggestion is for 6 basic parameters.
Step 4. Create a word list…
Step 5. And start translating.

Elsewhere on this blog, you’ll find plenty of tips, tricks, and trivia to help you on your conlang journey, especially stuff that you can actually use to shape your worldbuilding–information about how societies use language, how language shapes politics, and facts from around the world about the amazing diversity of how people communicate with one another. And if you ever have questions about how your conlang is doing, the comments section is there for you